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        BMW一行來舒茨曼座椅公司參觀訪問/The BMW team visit the SCI

        2019年7月22日下午,華晨寶馬戰略與物流副總裁Dr.Franz Decker一行8人到舒茨曼座椅公司進行參觀訪問。舒茨曼座椅公司總經理林聰,副總經理周波及其他相關人員出席本次活動。

        On the afternoon of July 22, 2019, Dr. Franz Decker, Vice President of Strategy and Logistics of BMW Brilliance, visited the SCI. Lin Cong, general manager of SCI, and Zhou Bo, deputy general manager, and other relevant personnel attended the event.

        林聰總經理代表舒茨曼座椅公司向訪問團一行的到來表示歡迎,并介紹了公司基本概況、管理模式。在我司人員陪同下,Dr.Franz Decker一行人對我司實驗室及生產車間進行參觀交流。在參觀過程中,我司陪同人員就設備情況、制造工藝等展開細致的介紹,并對訪問團提出的疑問進行了專業解答。

        General Manager Lin Cong expressed his welcome to the visiting team and represented the company’s basic profile and management model. Accompanied by our staff, Dr.Franz Decker and his team visited our laboratory and production workshop. During the visit, our company accompanied the staff to give a detailed introduction on the equipment and manufacturing process, and provided professional answers to the questions raised by the delegation.


        Through this exchange, the two sides jointly discussed the current new technology of the SCI and the direction of future seat innovation under smart driving, as well as the manufacturing process and production process, which laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two companies.




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