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        舒茨曼座椅公司召開GSI全員啟動大會/SCI Holds GSI Full Member Launch Conference

        2019年8月12日,舒茨曼座椅公司舉辦GSI全員啟動大會,舒茨曼總經理林聰強調了我們今后的努力方向,希望全員分秒必爭、眾志成城去實現目標,一起付出不亞于任何人的努力。本次全員GSI大會鼓舞了士氣,提升了團隊凝聚力,明確了未來的重點方向。提升質量,All in GSI!

        On August 12, 2019, SCI Seat Company held the GSI full-person kick-off meeting. SCI General Manager Lin Cong emphasized the direction of our future efforts. He hoped that all the staff will fight every second and achieve the goal. This full-time GSI conference has boosted morale, enhanced team cohesion, and defined the key directions for the future. Improve quality, All in GSI!


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